A recently video revealed just how effective Volvo’s Automatic Emergency Braking technology is at preventing tragic motor vehicle accidents.

In the clip, several school children are recorded running out into the middle of a busy rural road after being dropped off by the bus. The kids neglect to look both ways, preventing them from seeing the fast approaching semi-trailer truck on the opposite side of the street.

Fortunately, the vehicle was a Volvo truck equipped with the manufacturer’s automatic emergency system that quickly applied the big rig’s brakes. Thanks to the company’s next-generation safety technology a life-threatening crisis is averted as the truck stops dead in its tracks before it can reach the children.

The video was recorded by the dashboard camera on the vehicle behind the bus and was uploaded to the popular RoadCams YouTube channel. While it’s one thing to read about Volvo’s safety systems and see them demonstrated through animations, it’s another to actually see the technology in action preventing everyday tragedies that occur far too often.

Automatic Emergency Braking has been a standard safety feature on Volvo’s vehicles since 2014. The technology uses a combination of radar and cameras to detect an impending collision. The system will first alert the driver of an approaching hazard, followed by automatically applying the brakes if there is an insufficient response.

As seen in the video, Automatic Emergency Braking can be the difference between a fatal accident actually occurring or not. Fortunately the automotive industry recognizes its importance. As of last year at least 20 different automakers, including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and more have pledged to make it a standard feature across their entire lineups.



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