You can now purchase Tesla electric cars online and pay with bitcoins.

A few weeks ago, we have announced Bitcoin as a payment option, evoking attention on the markets. During the first month of its introduction across the European e-shop network, a staggering 4% of all payments made were in BTC. In a ground-breaking move, we have just launched the sale of high-end electric cars, namely the Tesla S and Tesla X.

“The newest Teslas are now available online from only 1 bitcoin. We want our customers to be able to purchase them as easily as they would a smartphone,” says Dardan Gashi, electric car project manager at VTIPP. Due to their clean technology, coupled with the prohibition of diesel engines in many major city centres across the globe, with others planning to follow suit, makes electric cars a responsible and ideal choice. For more information you can contact directly to or sent message at our page Tesla Motors.


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