On Wednesday, Elon Musk shared the last picture SpaceX was able to get of the cherry red Tesla it sent into space with a mannequin driver, “Starman.”

The picture features Starman clad in a SpaceX astronaut suit, and is nothing short of epic.

Musk’s SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday to much fanfare. The 27-engine behemoth is the most powerful rocket in use today. Its successful launch was a significant step forward for SpaceX and Musk’s eventual goal of sending people to live on Mars.

 To make the rocket launch more entertaining, Musk put his own cherry red Tesla Roadster in the rocket to be released into space. And SpaceX, for a limited time, was able to provide a live video feed of the Tesla floating through space.

The photo that Musk shared on Wednesday was the last picture the company captured of Starman soaring through space before the connection was lost. This animated video from SpaceX, embedded below, shows how the Tesla roadster was released into space from the Falcon Heavy rocket.

SpaceX also released a number of impressive still pictures from Starman’s voyage.


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