Can An Acura NSX Beat A Tesla Model S P100D On The ‘Strip?

The McLaren 720S may be becoming the new darling of the YouTube drag race world, but there’s still plenty of straight-line fun to be had with the former ‘king’: the Tesla Model S P100D. As a perfect case in point, here’s Tesla’s most potent Model S taking on the new Honda/Acura NSX.

The latter may source most of its power from a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, but that mid-mounted six-banger is augmented by a trio of electric motors: one for each front wheel, and one attached to the flywheel on torque-fill duties.

As a result, it’s brutally quick off the line, and even though its total power figure of 573bhp falls well short of the P100D’s, the car is a lot lighter.

Let the battle commence…


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